What Are Custom Email Addresses And Why Do You Need Them?

Get the low down on custom business email addresses and how to get some for your business.


What is a custom email address?

Simply put, a custom email address (or business email address) is your own branded email address. Instead of or, you have your own company domain, like or Much like your website, a custom email address is branded to you and only you.


Why do I need a custom email address?

Give the professional look from the start. When a potential client reaches out to someone, which email address do you think they will be most likely to want to buy from: or Which looks more professional and which one looks like a part timer? When you take on staff, you will want to look at how the different email addresses come across to the potential buyer. Having standardised domains give the professional look. For example can also have

When people leave your company, they leave the email address and therefore the method that a lot of customers communicate with you. It remains your property as you are always in control.


How do I get a custom email address?

You can host them yourself or you can use Microsoft 365 or Gmail. Our management & hosting plans come with a custom email address included, set up and ready to go. We can also transfer your emails from a personal email account to a new business email address.